February 14, 2024

FMB proudly celebrates its quarter century with gratitude!

We are extremely proud to be celebrating FMB’s 25th anniversary this year! These years of commitment, innovation and dedication have shaped the remarkable evolution of the Lanaudière-based company. FMB’s achievements have enabled the company to grow not only in Berthierville but also across Canada, and even beyond, thanks to a strong presence in the United States.  

FMB’s diverse product offering and presence in numerous retail outlets contribute to the development of regional, provincial and international economies.  

Over the years, FMB has collaborated with a wide range of players from various sectors, including the food, pharmaceutical and renovation industries. The team would like to express its gratitude to our loyal collaborators, customers and partners, all of whom have contributed to the successes of recent decades. Trust is the foundation of FMB’s success!  

Twenty-five years of hard work, innovation and creativity have brought their share of accomplishments and changes. This has particularly been the case since Steve Gravel acquired FMB in 2017, after joining the company in 2001. His managerial vision and role as sales director have improved working conditions, thereby strengthening team cohesion. As Steve Jobs said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” The dynamic FMB team is solid and dedicated.  

FMB strongly commends this irreproachable and much-needed driving force. It’s thanks to the hard work and dedication of our employees that the company is able pursue its many achievements with a light heart and clear mind! It is equally important to acknowledge and recognize those who have masterfully shaped these 25 extraordinary years. These are rich and fruitful stories to keep in mind.  

As the quarter-century mark is passed, FMB looks forward to offering its very best. The team is eager to continue this adventure with all its partners, collaborators and customers.  

Here’s to another 25 years! 

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